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Pelvic Strap

Pelvic Strap

Helps to maintain the occupants position at the back of the seat especially where the occupant is unable to maintain their own seated position.

The pushchair seat has slots at the sides which the Pelvic Strap fits through goes around the back of the seat then re-enters the seat, clipping securely around the occupant

IMPORTANT. The pelvic strap is designed to supplement the built in 5 point harness it DOES NOT replace the 5 point harness which should be used at all times to secure the occupant.

It is often used together with the Roll Cushion

VAT EXEMPT - you will need to confirm in the checkout that you are eligible for VAT Relief because you are buying this for a child due to their medical condition

Total Price12.00 (including delivery and when exempt from VAT at 20%)

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