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Dual Action Mini Pump

Dual Action Mini Pump

Hopefully you won't need a pump ! But if you do need one then you might as well have a good one.

The Advance Mobility wheels are air filled, it's part of the supension system which gives your child a smooth ride, but they do contain seriously thick heavy duty thorn resistant inner tubes to minimise punctures

It's important to maintain tyre pressure if it is to low then the wheel rim may rotate separately to the inner tube causing the valve to be chopped off ! .

Pushchair tyres have standard Schrader valves - just like a modern bicycle or car

The Dual Action Mini Pump inflates on pull and push strokesfast dual action (inflation on the pull and push stokes)
The Dual Action Mini Pump has a built in pressure gaugeintegral pressure gauge
The Dual Action Mini Pump has a valve clamp lever on the side of the adapator headside lever valve clamp
The Dual Action Mini Pump has an aluminium barrelsmart & durable aluminium barrel and shaft
The Dual Action Mini Pump has a comfortable handle gripcomfortable handle grip
The Dual Action Mini Pump is lightweight & compactcompact and lightweight
The Dual Action Mini Pump takes Presta or Schrader valvesself selecting 'Clever Head' can be used on Presta or Schrader valves
The Dual Action Mini Pump is supplied with a bike mounting bracketmounting bracket supplied with the pump does not work on a pushchair

Closed 24cm (9 1/2") Open 36cm (14")
Weight: 180g (6 oz)

Total Price19.00 (including delivery and when exempt from VAT at 20%)

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