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Roll Cushion

Roll Cushion

Provides some support for the leg and calf areas improving comfort and posture.

The Roll Cushion can be especially helpful for an occupant who is unable to maintain their seated position and who, in a tilted seat on bumpy ground, may slide down the seat.

The Roll Cushion comprises an area of fabric which velcros securely onto the seat, at the front of the seat is a half round foam cushion which forms a bar across the seat, lofting the back of the knee and creating a cavity in the base of the seat. A second separate half round cushion fits between the seat and the footwell to support the calves.

It can be positioned to provide a small extension to the seat depth for an occupant with a longer upper leg.

It is often used together with the Pelvic Strap

VAT EXEMPT - you will need to confirm in the checkout that you are eligible for VAT Relief because you are buying this for a child due to their medical condition

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